Important interview questions(marketing)

interview questions with answers.

Resume, GDs and Interviews Prep. Tips

Tips on how to build up your resume, how to prepare for GD and PI.


Case Study Analysis of “shampoo industry in India" given below. The attatched pdf is formanagement students, studying marketing and sales as a subject. Content includes- SWOT analysis, technological aspects, legal aspects, eniviornmental aspects, etc.#project#groupproject#iim#sales#model

Basics of operations

notes on operations.

Marketing Crasher

4Ps of marketing..

Corporate Finance Workshop - Valuation,

What is IPO? IPo basics? what is primary market and secondary market? find out in this clip.

Equiti workshop

Equiti(finance club of iim-i) explains the classisfication of balance sheets and more

Case interview secrets

'case interview secrets' a book by victor cheng, can help you score a job in consulting.

macroscan from iim indore

topics included in this clips are international business,international economy,national business,national economy.

Inventory management Quiz

Quiz on inventory management,, with solution.

Quiz on Process choices with solution

Quiz on process choices.. chapterwise quiz.

Market Sizing Basics and 4P Analysis

Understand your Market size.. what is potential market? learn in detail.