R.s. khurmi

Available below is the kinematics of machinery book which includes topics such as kinematics of machinery, simple harmonic motion, simple mechanisms, velocity in mechanisms, acceleration in mechanisms, mechanisms in lower pairs, etc.

Metal forming

Metal forming complete process

Powder metallurgy

Complete material for powder method including some important topics such as Sintering, METAL POWDERS FOR PM, Powder Production, Powder Mixing, POWDER METALLURGY, Shaping of ceramics, Forming Techniques, Forming and shaping of glass, Processing of superconductors.

Solid state welding

Knowledge abt solid state welding and its types are Friction Welding, Ultrasonic Welding, Friction stir welding, Resistance welding.


Given below are the notes for mechanical as a course and subject is manufacturing .The conent attatched below includes topics such as Process variants of Plasma arc welding, Underwater welding, etc. #VIT Chennai

Arc welding

Arc welding material complete with diagram and some other important topics which is related to Arc Welding such as ELECTRIC ARC WELDING, Principle of Arc, Steps of Arc Welding, DC Arc Welding, Comparison of A.C. and D.C. arc welding, Flux-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Electrode Coating, Arc Welding Defects, Advantages of arc welding.

Kinematics of machinery

Cam shaft diagram and instantaneous diagrams

Complete book

Complete book r.k. bansal  Strength of material B.tech 4th sem.

Machine drawing book

Available below is the machine drawing book which includes topics such as Graphic Language, Classification of Drawings, Scales, Lines, Right Hand and Left Hand Threads, Locking Arrangements for Nuts, Representation of Threads, Multi-start Threads, etc.


Complete material for casting in manufacturing


Wleding processes in manufacturing