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btech mechanical 1st sem vit vellore

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course mechanical. The content in the documents below comprises of the topics such as dynamics of particles, computer aided design, Introduction to CAD/CAM, Tool Path Optimization, etc.

Semester 6 Mechanical Engineering notes SRM6

The folowing clip contains notes for mechanical engineering students of 6th semeter. The clip contains explainations that can be useful for preparation purpose. Topics included in these attatchments are MULTIDEGREE OF FREEDOM SYSTEMS, Two degree of freedom systems, Fundamentals of Vibration, etc.

sem 4 mechanical engineering notes srm

The below attatched clip contains Mechanical engineerin notes for semester 4. The topics included are Basics of Thermodynamics, The language of TD, Processes in TD, properties of steam, hydraulic safety, Psychrometric, Introduction_to_AutoCAD,software CAD, etc. #SRM

Sem 2 Notes mechanical engg. Srm university

The following clips and attatchments contains notes for environmental science, basic mechanical engineering , engineering mechanics, material science and mathematics for semester 2 students of the course Mechanical engineering. Also, notes are available for basic 11th physics. #SRMuniversity