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SHRM:performance appraisal

This document contains the concrpt of performance appraisal and factors affecting it


This contains the concept of static library and shared library

paint industry study

This contains the study on paint industry and the growth factors affecting it

liquor industry study

This study is about the liquor industry and the factors which affect this industry

labor policies

This document contains the labpr policies followed by the corporates

database management system

This document contains the concept of database management system

Act of god:defence used in law

This contains the concept of act of god which is used by the corporates in their defence in generalĀ 

Indian HR labour laws

This document contains the basic indian hr labor laws followed in the corporates.

study on smart city

This document is a study on smart city, the need of it and a comparison with different countries who already have smartcities.

Hazards:situation in computer system

This document contains the concept of Hazards .The concept of structural hazard and how to control it.

Mobile IP

This document contains the concept of mobile ip,the need of it and the components of mobile IP

Multilateral trading system

This study discusses about multilateral trading systems,trading blocks and trade barriers.