Harikrishnan A S

Student at IIM Indore

Tata-Corus Acquisition: What went wrong

Tata-Corus Acquisition: What went wrong!?

Study of 4 Ps for a Brand-Product combination

A report for 'Kingfisher'  based on the items given below: 1.Sum-up the brand promise offered. 2.What brand elements are the most useful for differentiating 'Kingfisher' from competing brands? 3.Which aspects of product differentiation are the most valuable insetting the brand apart from its competitors? 4.How does the brand use packaging and labeling to support its brand image and help its channel partners sell the product more effectively? 5.What are the current pricing objectives of the brand and what price adaptations (such as discount allowances and promotional pricing) does the brand include? 6.How does the pricing strategy of the brand differ from its competitors? 7.What are the current distribution channels and levels adopted by this brand and does it require any addition/deletion of the channels or levels to improve its distribution strategy? 8.What are the communication objectives for this brand to reach its targeted segments? 9.What are the communication media adopted by the brand and do these match with the brand’s communication objectives? 10. What are the consumer promotion and trade promotion, if any, being offered by the brand?