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Student at Barbaria insititute of technology

Studied at Haria

Certified in C programming

What should I learn if I want to make a website?

This file describe briefly about what to learn for a website development. It also explains a basics about all. 1.categories of development 2. front-end 3. back-end

Blockchain Questions and Related answers

This notes contain short description about blockchain. its importance in 2019. And answers to the various questions .

PHP- Session Management using Session

This is a clip on session management using session. 1.Starting a PHP Session 2.Destroying a PHP Session 3.Turning on Auto Session 4.Sessions without cookies

PHP-Session Management (Cookies)

This is a clip on PHP session management with the help of cookies. It will teach you how to 1.set cookies, 2.access them 3.delete them.

HTML - Tables

This clip contains HTML - table, all properties and attributes with proper examples and syntax. 1. Table Heading 2. Cellpadding and Cellspacing Attributes 3. Colspan and Rowspan Attributes 4. Tables Backgrounds 5. Table Height and Width 6. Nested Tables 7. Table CaptionTable Header, Body, and Footer

HTML - Lists

This clip contains HTML lists.It explains type of lists with examples and perfect information. • − An unordered list. • − An ordered list. • − A definition list.

HTML - Forms

This clip contains Form Attributes and HTML Form Controls 1. Text Input Controls 2. Checkboxes Controls 3. Radio Box Controls 4. Select Box Controls 5. File Select boxes 6. Hidden Controls 7. Clickable Buttons 8. Submit and Reset Button

Hibernate- Caching

This clip explains on a topic known as hibernate -cache with diagrams and different types.

ASP.net Validators

ASP.net contains foll validators which are explained in this clip. • RequiredFieldValidator • RangeValidator • CompareValidator • RegularExpressionValidator • CustomValidator • ValidationSummary

Operating System - Virtual Memory

This clip contains introduction to virtual memory and explanations of the subtopics given below: 1. Optimal Page algorithm 2. First In First Out (FIFO) algorithm 3. Page Replacement Algorithm 4. Demand Paging 5. Reference String 6. Most frequently Used(MFU) algorithm 7. Least frequently Used(LFU) algorithm 8. Page Buffering algorithm 9. Least Recently Used (LRU) algorithm

Operating System Scheduling algorithms

This clip contains following scheduling algorithms: 1. First-Come, First-Served (FCFS) Scheduling 2. Shortest-Job-Next (SJN) Scheduling 3. Priority Scheduling 4. Shortest Remaining Time 5. Round Robin(RR) Scheduling 6. Multiple-Level Queues Scheduling

Scala- Programming Language

This is a file which gives overview about the scala language and also tells the difference between java and scala.