Manju Nyat

Student at Maharaj Agrasen Institute of Technology

IP University- 5th Semester Notes

IP university notes available for 5th semester. The subjects discussed in the attatchments are of and I.T)- Algorithm Design & analysis(ADA), Software Engineering(SE), Java, Digital Communication(DC), Communication Skills #ipuniversity


The powerpoint presentations are available for all students of electronics who are studying computer configuration as a subject. The persentations include explaination of VDHL, Why Use VHDL?, BASIC FEATURES OF VHDL, CONCURRENCY, SUPPORTS SEQUENTIAL STATEMENTS, etc.

Asynchronous Sequential Logic

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course electronics and subject- computer configuration. The content in the documents below comprises of the topics Analysis Procedure, Circuits with Latches, Design Procedure, Reduction of State and Flow Tables, Race-Free State Assignment, etc.

Organisational Behaviour

Notes available for the students studying business and organisational behaviours. The contents in the attatchment include topics such as LIMITATIONS OF PLANNING, TYPES OF PLANNING, DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STRATEGIC & TACTICAL PLANNING, PROCESS OF PLANNING, CONCEPT & NATURE OF LEARNING, FEATURE OF LEARNING,, etc. Notes can be used for preparation and examination purpose.


The topic Linux is a sub topic of the subject programming, computer science. The attatchment below provides necessary information needed to the study the topic, such as10 Linux distribution versions and features of them, What are start-up scripts in Linux and name any one of them, Linux architecture, etc.