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Practical File for Production Technology-1

This file contains Production Technology-1 experiments performed in the lab. Experiments are:- 1. Sand Casting 2. Welding 3. Lathe

Metal Casting

It contains the entire detail of the Metal Casting. Like various types of casting, casting processes, defects, material to be used, allowances, etc.

LATHE Work holding devices

It contains the details of the various work holding devices in a Lathe machine. Example;- 1. Chucks 2. Faceplate 3. Driving Plate 4. Catch Plate 5. Carriers 6. Mandrels 7. Centres 8. Rests


It's a power point presentation on the topic CUPOLA. A cupola is a Metal Furnace for a large amount of melting action.

Statistical Analysis od Data

Experimental Design for Statistical Analysis of Data.

Defects in Solids

It has details related to defects in solids or can say lattice defects. It's a topic related to Material Science Subject.

Phase Diagram

It's a topic related to Material Science subject. Topics covered in this are various types of Phase Diagrams and numericals on them.

Atomic and Crystal Structure

It defines the structure of any crystal to the atomic level.

Business and Sustainability

It is an example of Business and Sustainability model of a company which state how any business can be converted and place in a sustainable model.

Normal Probability Distribution

It consists of various topics of Normal Distribution: Introduction to Normal Distributions and the Standard Distributions Normal Distribution: Finding Probabilities Normal Distribution: Finding Values Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem Normal Approximations to Binomial Distributions

Single Phase Transformer

It consists of Operating Principles and Construction of Single Phase Transformers.

Volumes of Solids of Revolution / Method of Rings

Volumes of Solids of Revolution or Methods of Rings In this, we are working on an equation to which we rotate in order to get a solid figure and calculate it's value.