Refer to the slides to get an overall insight into the role , responsibilities and fuctions of SEBI.

social security notes

THis article contains all that you need to know about the social security in our country.

Can education end terrorism?

This is an important GD topic and also is a food for thought that wil help us realise what is ethically and morally correct. A good article for all students !

Clean India - Attitude change is more important

It is important for us to understand that more than the change brought by the movement, our mentalities and thought processes have to change.


This is an important piece for any management student. Helped to me to clear my concepts on business ethics.

business communication notes

Business Communication notes . Refer ro the attached clip, they are important for all management students

Learning from china -Educational Sector

China and India always had a neck to neck competition, however, in the educational sector China has developed manifold. This article is from a newspaper and gives n insight to how India should now look for ways of expnading, just like China did.

Education abroad is the trend of the youth

While our indian students have always preferred studying outside for handsome salary packages, great quality of life and better opportunities, leading to amassive brain drain of the company, the same is not with students of outside the borders with respect to indian instittutes.

IIT Delhi all set for new changes

IIT Delhi, one of the most prestigiuos institutes of the country is finally set to welcome changes. Refer to the attached article


Its a sad state of affairs that we think our children would brighten there future with the help of these institutes, however, the reality is that today they have become nothing but money making organisations !


This is an important topic for all the aspiring MBA students. Refer to the clip

Cultural diversity impedes democratic governance

This artcle very beautifully throws light on the relationship between democracy , diversity and good governance.