Pranjal Batra

Studied at Queens Valley School

Sample Resume or C.V

This is a sample resume or C.V. that can be used for interviews or internship processes.

Economics sample paper

Economics sample paper class 11

Notes for elasticity of demamd

Elasticity of demand notes class 11.

Consumers equilibrium notes class 11

Consumers equilibrium notes class 11.

Cbse class 10 board exam extra questions

Cbse class 10 board exam extra questions

Lifeline of National Economy Class 10 notes

Notes of Lifelines of National Economy class 10.

Challenges to democracy. Class 10 notes

Class 10 notes on Challenges to Democracy.

Minerals and Energy Resources.

Notes for chapter 7 Minerals and Energy Resources for class 12th.

Manufacturing Industries

Notes for chapter 8 - Manufacturing Industries for class 12th.

Model United Nations. Details and Procedure

This is a detailed guide regarding the rules, procedures, and model code of conduct of Model United Nations.