Prashant Bharadwaj

Student at F.H. Medical college

Fluid, Electrolyte and Acid Base Balance Integrating Respiratory, Urinary and Digestive Physiology

• Body Fluid, Fluid Compartments • Body Water Body Water – Regulation of Gain – Regulation of Loss • The Electrolytes • Movement of body fluids – between plasma and interstitial fluid – between interstitial and intracellular between interstitial and intracellular • Acid Base Balance – Buffer systems – Exhalation of Carbon Dioxide – Kidney Excretion • Acid Base Imbalances – Acidosis Acidosis vs Alkalosis

Muscle physiology part 2

Types of muscle and more about them

Reproductive system and its basics physiology and female reproductive system

Short quick brief of basics of reproductive system and female reproductive system

Renal physiology and functions

Brief of Renal system General function Nephron and its function Micturition

Cell physiology and its function

Cell Physiology • The “Inner Life of a Cell” • Components and their functions • Cell to Cell Junctions - Forming Tissues • How it’s Integrated

Electrical & Chemical Signaling Part 2

• Graded Potentials • Other electrical signaling – Gap junctions • The Process of Synaptic Transmission – Events releasing Neurotransmitters – Neurotransmitters • Modulation & Stopping Transmission

Electrical Signaling

• Using ions as messengers • Potentials in electrical signaling – Action – Graded • Other electrical signaling – Gap junctions • The neuron

Hormones & Chemical Signaling

• Communication Basics – Communication Overview – Communication Methods – Signal pathways • Regulation (modulation) of signal pathways – Homeostasis . . . again • Endocrine System – Hormones • what they are • How they work

Cellular Metabolism and function

Cellular metabolisim • Energy Systems & Flow • Metabolism Basics • Cellular Respiration – Glycolysis – Citric Acid Cycle – Electron Transport Chain & Oxidative Phosphorylation • Substitutes – what can be used besides glucose & how?

Cell physiology - genertion of membrane potentials

• Membrane potentials – what they are • Formation of membrane potentials • Types and uses of membrane potentials • The significance of membrane potenti

Peripheral nervous system

Brief of Peripheral nervous system Overview Its Divisions Somatic nervous system Autonomic nervous system