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DU HIndi 1st Year Notes

Delhi University Hindi 1st year notes available here. Content provided from the top lecturers in DU. Notes can be referred for preparation and revision purpose. #Delhiuniversity

Hindi notes for DU students

Delhi University Hindi notes available in the documents attatched below. Content provided from the top lecturers in DU for proper and effecient understanding. Notes can be referred for preparation and revision purpose. #Delhiuniversity

DU Maths Notes 1st Year Part 1

Available below is the notes of mathematics for 1st semester students. Topics included in the content are Algebra of Continuous Functions, Applications of Integration, Archimedean Property and Density of Rational (Irrational), Numbers in R, Compartmental Models, etc.

DU Zoology 1st Year

Here, I give you Zoology 1st year notes of delhi university. #DU#Zoology#FreeNotes

DU Maths Notes Part 2

Here, I provide you 2nd part of Delhi University Maths 1st year. #DU#Maths#FreeNotes#Part2

DU Management Studies 1st Year Notes

Here, I provide you Management Studies Free Notes of Delhi University. #DU#ManagementStudies#FreeNotes

Geography for DU students

geography(delhi university) chapterwise -earth interior structure -isostasy -plate tectonics -weathering -mass wasting -cycle of erosion -aeolin and coastal landforms -glacial landforms

HADOOP and BIG DATA(many books)

everything about big data is in this clip. #hadoop#bigdata#tutorials#beginners#basicsofhadoop

what is HADOOP?

map reduce,hadoop,aws BIG DATA with hadoop


learn everything about ARDUINO from basics to expert level of knowledge is being shared with you in this clip -open source electronic prototyping platform

Chemistry for DU students

chapters included in this clip -distribution of moleculer speed maxwell -gases introduction -periodic table and shield effect -periodicity #chemistryfordu#du#chemistry#duexams#endterm#bsc#chemistryhons


learn everything about BIG DATA, from disparate sources.