Rakesh Kundu

Hi, This is Rakesh Kundu, a Technology lover.

Student at Academy of Technology

Studied at The University of Burdwan

Logical Agents in Artificial Intelligence

Logical Agents of Artificial Intelligence is described here

Heuristic Search in Artificial Intelligence

Heuristic searching technique in Artificial Intelligence is described here

Adversial Search in Artificial Intelligence

Adversial search in Artificial Intelligence with game representation is described here

Searching in Artificial Intelligence

Searching methods in Artificial Intelligence is played a vital role throughout the syllabus.

Agents of Artificial Intelligence

Agents of Artificial Intelligence described here properly. Just go through it.

Basic Computer Networking Concepts

Basic computer networking theories I.e definitions, topologies, types of network, connections, OSI model, TCP/IP Protocols etc are described here briefly

OSI Model

OSI model of computer networking is very important and useful for students. Here is a graphical presentation of the same. Hope you like it.

Demand Paging in OS

Here is a brief description about demand paging of computer operating system

Segmentation in OS

Segmentation is a very important topic in computer operating system so here is a descriptive view about segmentation

English 403 Question Paper

English 403 Question Paper of Burdwan University

English 404 Question Paper

English 404 Question Paper of Burdwan University

Ozone Hole

Ozone Hole notes in simplifying form