Rhythm Agarwalla

Student at NMIMS, Mumbai

Marginal costing- theory and formulas

An essential guide on marginal costing for budding managers.The formula to obtain the marginal cost is change in costs/change in quantity. #NMIMS

GD and PI preparation material for companies

This PPT shall help in acing Group Discussion and Personal Interviews for various companies. The below attatched document comprises of topics usch as Framework for business, Defining keywords, Marketing, Consumer Benefit Ladder, Characteristics of Core Competencies, etc.

Complete guide to crack Interviews

This PPT is compiled by an esteemed professor of a premier B-School. It shall help you ace all interviews for various companies. Topics included in the document attatched below are REM : Random Education on Marketing, Harsh Realities, Interview, Views on the Marketing Processes, etc

How to ace group discussions and PI in Placements

This presentation shall give you a good reflection of the behaviour one should carry during GD and Personal Interview. This PPT is compiled by a reputed professor from a premier B-School. The information so provided through this document can be useful for all management students.

Generic strategies

It gives information about generic srategies like low cost,differenctiation and focus#NMIMS

Gamification for HR examples

Using Gamification for  Recruitment from the pool of job candidates,Employee learning like safety training thereby adhering to safety procedures and Collaboration to increase internal collaboration among employees and fruitful engagement among themselves.#nmims

Freudian theory

Individual analysis according to Freud.It includes the psychoanalytic theory of personlaity by discussing components of personlaty and defence mechanisms. #nmims

Ethical decision making process

Ethical decision making process and implications.This knowledge discusses about the decisions both simple and accountable decisions and their implications and the issues means by which the ethicals issues might go unnoticed #NMIMS

Globalization and HR Notes Session 1-5

Globalisation refers to the integration of markets in the global economy, it is the ongoing process of connecting people,neighbourhood,states, business etc.Attatched below are the handwritten notes available for the management students, studying organisational behavior. The attatched notes can be utilized for examination and reference purpose.

Dabur Real Juice Marketing analysis

This knowledge is a case study about Dabur Real Fruit Juice company.It describes origin,its product range, competititors, target market and its position in the consumer market.#NMIMS

Notes on Inventories

This knowledge gives notes on valuation of inventories with solved example problems.Notes on Inventory management #NMIMS

Notes on Globalization and Indian Economy

#NMIMS #topics covered