Rituparna Mazumder

Student at KIIT Bhubaneswar

Studied at MVM Barsajai, Guwahati

8086 Instruction Set

8086 Microprocessor instruction set.

MicroProcessor and MicroControllers

Full notes of Micro Processor and Micro controller for 5th semester Electronics Branch as well as Computer Science and Systems Engineering, KIIT Deemed to be University.

R programming basic concepts and theories with examples and programs

Basic concepts of R- programming along with sample programs and important theories for 6th Semester, End semester Exams for KIIT deemed to be University, Bhubaneswar.

Database Management System

Information on basic topics of Database Management System including Programs on MySQL, RDBMS, Entity Relationship model,etc

MicroProcessor and MicroController

Introduction to 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor as well as Basic concepts of Micro controller.

Distributed Operating Systems

Basic topics on Distributed Operating Systems for 6th sem CSSE end sem and Msc Cse 2nd Sem end sem , KIIT deemed to be University

80286 Microprocessor

Basic concepts of 80286 Micro processor for KIIT deemed to be University, 6th Semester, Advanced Microprocessor.

YARN-Big Data Analytics(Yet Another Resource Negotiator)-HADOOP

Concepts of YARN-Yet Another Resource Negotiator, for 6th Sem, Big Data, End semester Examination, KIIT deemed to be University

Distributed Operating Systems

Notes on Distributed Operating System for 6th Semester, Computer Science and Systems Engineering, KIIT deemed to be University

Big Data Sample Questions for 2019 End Semester Examinations

Sample question to practice for Big Data for 6th Semester, End Semester Exams, for KIIT deemed to be University

8086 Concepts and Instruction Set

Full notes of 8086 Microprocessor for 6th Semester, Advanced Microprocessor, KIIT deemed to be University.

Professional Ethics and Communication

Basic of Ethics and Professionalism