Shagun Gupta

Student at Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology

Earth Science Quiz along with answers

An Earth Science Quiz It contains over 200 MCQs along with the answers.

Chemistry basic formulae derivation $ mole concept

Contains the basic chemical formulae of elements, compound formation, valency balancing, chemical equations' formation and numericals on Mole concept

Psychology GRE test practice book

The attatchment contains one actual full length GRE psychology test paper. It also contains some test-taking strategies and answering procedures which will help to garnish your problem solving capability. Useful for Psychology students.

Engineering Mechanics Sem 2 Dyanmics

Hand written notes of engineering mechanics Unit 1 Sem 2nd Dynamics and laws of forces Contains brief theory, solved numericals related to all the topics including 1. Various laws of forces 2. Coplanar forces 3. Free body Diagram 4. Law of moments And many more.