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                                           ECHOED VOICE What is love at first is for me? "What her eyes said echoed in my heart", yes she was like this only epitome of beauty, talent and success. The movements of her hand while explaining something cannot be personified, I think they are from a different world, a world of attraction because they attract me like the south pole of a magnet and i being the north one. Yes she got something in her style, in her attitude. Oh!  My god she is full of beauty in every respect, And I being the laziest lad, poor in studies, sports and extracurricular activities and she was an overflow of talents in all these fields. We both are incomparable in any respect. She can outshine me in any field of my choice even. I do not stand even the slightest of chance against her. One day she encountered me staring at her in the class and suddenly a sense of embarrassment with shyness passed through me.  Oh! My God those 2-3 seconds her eyes echoed in my heart and it starts racing like a horse. It was like her eyes were saying "keep staring at me like this, i can feel your eyes discovering me". That day i found a thing called "love at first sight".  A silent “I love you”.  That day she kept on running in my mind. Days, weeks, months and years passed and i kept on staring at her for long duration in between boring lectures, sometimes my teachers, my classmates, my friends, her friends and sometimes she herself caught me staring at her. There are only two things that make me stand out of the queue from all her silent lovers and they are my write-ups and my poems, my only tool to dig deep inside her heart and make a place for me. She started noticing my write-ups and started following my social media page where i post most of my short stories and especially poems. Don't know what made her crazy about one of those poems, that she came and hugged me so tightly. My whole body feels a trance shock, i could barely feel her presence and then suddenly my hearts starts racing like it was one of the participant in F1 racing. And that day i discovered "love".  She asked "it's me”?, i asked “what it's me”?. She replied in your stories write-ups and poems it’s me. For a second i felt proud on my write-ups and poems and then i realized the only female following my page was her. A sudden expression of proud i passed over my pen. And in the meanwhile time she was gone, don't know where but she was there where she was, yes, in my arms. For a second i thought i was day-dreaming but no it is happening in real. My eyes started searching for her but she was not there. On that day i just had one thought and that thought was "she". One fine day i started approaching her in my mind and then i decided to wrap it up, and started trying to convince my mind just tell her, each and everything from top to bottom, from front to rear, from far to near. I went near her, when no one was there besides the library and asked her to give her hands. In my mind i was like - god it’s up to you. I kept on asking for her hand but she responded nothing. I asked again and said "i love you” i love you hey! Beauty be mine from now till eternity. She stood there firmly and said nothing but her eyes said something - it’s a silent "love u too idiot". 


THREE SIMPLE FINANCIAL HACKS TO TACKLE OVERSPENDING HABIT. REASON From scratching my head to fixing  equations on overspending I figured out “bad money management” was the basic reason behind this. And this is because most of us are not taught about lessons on how to manage our money from our childhood unlike other lessons on bad habits like drinking and smoking. Here are few simple hacks you can try on:- 1.      Track your spending. Keep a track of your spending or maintain a spreadsheet. Breaking up your expenses into categories like food, clothing, housing, medical care, emergency, fixed deposit and so on, makes you more realistic and aware about your budget. So that you can put a limit on daily expenses by substituting all the equations involving in your budget. 2.      Taking advantage of coupons and promotional codes on internet. Yes, taking advantage of promotional coupons and codes helps you save a lot of money. Online shopping is in trend and due to increasing competition in this field the online sales provider are coming with different rate of heavy discount on same stuffs, So just grab these kind of opportunity, compare and then buy, I guarantee you , it will save a lot of your money.   3.      Earn, plan and then spend. “Good habits happen when planned, bad habits(overspending) happen on their own”. You can divide your money and put it into envelopes, marking down on the envelops what each pile of money is for. That can make it easier to see where your money is going. Do this, and you’ll be more educated about how much money you actually have, and how much you have left over for fun stuff.