Runoff process

Runoff processes description.


manufacturing process.

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering slides.

geography class 6th

ncert geo of class 6th

k. subhramanya of hydrology

hydrology book of author K. Subhramanya.


book written by Premchand describing people of that era.

Ambedkar his life and work

biography of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

An Indian Pilgrim

story of an Indian pilgrim describing culture of India.

eco risks

analysis of economic risks.

mechanics of materials

structural analysis in civil engineering.

indian economy -rameshsingh

Notes made available for the students studying economics as a course and subject economic history.The topics included and discussed are PROGRESS, GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT, EVOLUTION OF THE INDIAN ECONOMY, ECONOMIC PLANNING, PLANNING IN INDIA, ECONOMIC REFORMS, INFLATION AND BUSINESS CYCLE, etc. #IIT roorkee

Ethics Integrity Aptitude Synergy Notes

Available are the notes for the students of humanities, studying the subject ethics. The notes are surrounding to the topics Ethics Integrity Aptitude Synergy. #IIT roorkee