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Student at Vasavi college of engineering

Studied at St.Anthony's high school

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Verbal and non verbal reasoning

This PDF contains questions on verbal and non verbal reasoning. This helps students who are preparing for competitive exams like GATE,CAT,GMAT etc which also test their Communication.

Amplitude,angle,pulse modulations

This PDF contains different types of modulations in communication. It was prepared by senior most expert faculty.

Amplitude modulation- communication

This PDF is about amplitude modulation.It was given by the senior expert faculty.It includes introduction to analog communication,need for modulation,frequency translation,AM,generation of AM,detection of demodulation of AM etc .

Double side band suppressed carrier

This PDF is about double side band suppressed carrier.It includes types of DSBSC,power calculations, demodulation of DSBSC,disadvantages,generation techniques,ring modulator etc.

ANGLE MODULATION-a method to modulate sinusoidal wave

This PDF is about angle modulation. It includes frequency modulation -types,spectrum,phasor representation,analysis of the spectrum,power calculations etc.

NOISE-in communication

This PDF is about noise. It includes white noise, behavior of Communication system,noise analysis in AM systems,SSM,AM,noise analysis in angle modulation etc.


This is the PDF which contains information about transmitters and receivers.It includes types of receivers,tuned radio frequency receiver,problems faced by TRF receivers,super heterodyne receiver,advantages ,characteristics etc .

PULSE MODULATION - communication

This PDF is about pulse modulation. It includes pulse amplitude modulation ,pulse time modulation,pulse position modulation,pulse width modulation,both analog and digital,advantages of pulse modulation,sampling theorem etc.

Programming -JAVA introduction

This PDFs have the information about java.It contains information about the history of java,features of java,execution procedure,data types,arrays,etc.

Java-inheritance and it's types

This PDF contains information about Java programming. It contains information about inheritance in Java and types of inheritances with the syntax.


This PDF is about Java programming.It contians information about interface in java which includes syntax of writing inheritances by interface and packages

Exception handling in java

This PDF is about exception handling in java with the syntax of how to write those.This notes was given by expert faculty in programming department.