Supraja Adusumalli

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Student at Vasavi college of engineering

Studied at St.Anthony's high school

Programming and problem solving through C

These are the programs given by our faculty after referring to many books of programming.And these PDFs contain different programs with effective and simple code which can be easily understood by students.

Engineering physics-lab

This is the lab manual which contains experiments in engineering physics for first year students.All the experiments are explained very clearly.And it was also prepared by senior most faculty in our college.

Engineering drawing-intersection of solids, isometric projections

These PPT s contains the information about intersection of solids, isometric views and projections which are prepared our senior faculty.All the PPTs are in a language which can be easily understood by students.And also they contain all the different types of problems which are asked in this topics.

Basic Engineering mechanics

These PDFs are the notes given by our expert faculty.And al the PPT prepared by our faculty contains information about truss with pictures and can be understood to student very easily.And the PDFs contains all the information about truss, friction, moment of inertia,centroid.

Quantum Mechanics and Semiconductor physics

This PDFs contain the notes on quantum mechanics and Semiconductor physics.In this PDFs ,density of states,kronig penny model,drift current, diffusion current,pn junctionetc are explained very clearly by our senior physics faculty.

Engineering chemistry-nano materials,composites,liquid crystals,flame photometry, atomic absorption spectrum

These PDFs and PPTs are the notes given by the faculty on the topics liquid crystals,nano materials,composite materials,flame photometry,atomic absorption spectrum, differential scanning calorimetry,thermo gravimetric analysis,Sol gel method,vulcanization of rubber.As these are written by students,it can be easily understood by anyone.

C programming-structures, strings,files

These are the notes given by our faculty after referring to many books on c programming.It contains effective codes and also easy understandable to students.And it contains information about structures,files, strings,arrays,pointers.

Programs in C on strings,arrays, structures, files

These are the programs in C which are written by us with the help of our faculty.I think the most of the codes are simple and effective in these PDFs.These programs are very much helpful to students in order to gain knowledge in c on advance level.

Programming for problem solving-C

This PDF consists of programs in programming and problem solving using C.All the programs from welcome message to advanced level.Writing the logics for these type of programs will definitely have a good effect on students career.

Basic Engineering mechanics-friction,centroid,truss

These are different models of questions which can be asked in semester exam.All these questions are prepared by our faculty and contains all kinds of questions.By solving the problems,students can gain knowledge in the subject and decreases their solving time.

Waves and optics-Assignments

These are the questions given as assignment from the chapters interference,diffraction,laser,optical fibre.All these questions are given to us on the basis of semester end exam.These topics are related to Communication which are helpful to ECE students.

Quantum mechanics and Semiconductor physics-photo electric effect

These are the assignments given to us in Semiconductor physics by our physics head of the department.And preparing these questions would be helpful to students for their exams in engineering.The assignments are from the chapters photo electric effect,wave nature,etc.