Tigiripalli Hemanth Raj

Student at IIM INDORE

Studied at Sunflower School

Nike retail store analysis - Indore

Store level analysis for Nike retail store located at C21 Mall Indore.

Group Learning Paper - ODC

Group learning paper of the course Organisational Development and Change basing on the cases "The Young Women" and "National Instrument Limited"

Case Analysis - Jess Westerly at Kauflauf Gmb

Situation Analysis, Problem Definition, Options Available, Criteria for Evaluation, Evaluation of the options, Recommendation & Action Plan for the case "Jess Westerly at Kauflauf Gmb"

National Instruments Limited - Presentation

Stakeholder views and application of Organisational development and change concepts for the activity based on the case -  National Instruments limited

Strategic Management - Pointers - 2

Organizational aspirations, PESTEL Analysis, SWOT analysis, Scenario Planning, Porter's 5 Forces

Strategic Management - Pointers - 1

Components of strategic management,  Sustainable competitive advantage, present competitive landscape

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - Pointers to work upon, Head lines


The pdf attatched below is concerned with FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING AND REPORTING on ITC. This includes COMMON-SIZE INCOME STATEMENT & BALANCE SHEET, DUPONT CHART ANALYSIS, Market Efficiency analysis, Debt Investor Perspective analysis (Leverage Ratios), Equity Investor Perspective analysis, etc.

Organisational Behavior - Intro - 5 - Notes

Prospects theory, Kohlberg's theory, Johari Window, Transaction analysis, Dimensions of Conflict handling intentions.

Organisational Behavior - Intro - 4 - Notes

Process Theories & Decision making - class notes

Organisational Behavior - Intro - 3 - Notes

Personality, Psychodynamic theories, Psychometric theories - Class Notes

Organisational Behavior - Intro - Notes

Organisational Behavior, Theoretical frameworks, Values, Attitudes, and Behaviors, Hofstede's framework - Class Notes