Vaishnavi .H

I may not be perfect,but I worth it. My way-don't think why should I? ; Think why don't I and why can't I and I can.

Student at Vemu Institute of technology


10th -SSC ( Andhra Pradesh) Mathematics Question Papers

It contains of question papers of mathematics related to 10th class of Andhra Pradesh in both Telugu and English languages.


Question papers of M-2 for Btech students of R 15 regulation.

Optics and Modern Physics

Contains notes about optics and modern physics. Even it consists basic formulas regarding optics.

Disaster management

It is a Power point presentation on disaster management gets a change in your thinking even in writing skills.

Disaster Management

Contains details about disaster management regarding our India and with a detailed graphical representation.

Conversion of Plastic to diesel.

Contains details about the conversion of plastic to diesel. It makes us to think differently and it shows how waste plastic is converted to value added product i.e., petrol at affordable prices.

Electro Chemistry

Contains notes about electro chemistry regarding engineering chemistry for 1st Btech students of R15 regulation.

Linked lists-Stacks-Programmes-data structures.

Contains programmes on stacks. Easy program on stack regarding data structures.

Double Linked lists-programmes regarding data structures

Contains programmes of double linked lists regarding data structures.

Linked lists(Queues) -Programmes

Contains programmes of queues. Helps to learn easily a program on queues and circular queues regarding data structures.

Debate and Group Discussions

Contains detailed notes about Debates and Group Discussions. Helps a lot for interviews.


Contains all C-programmes regarding C-lab of Btech 1st sem of R15 regulation.