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Environmental Science

The document contains all the documents related to the environmental science for first year SRM UNIVERSITY students. Topics included are ENVIRONMENTAL KNOWLEDGE, Objectives of Environmental Education, Importance of Environmental Education, Classes of Consumers, etc.


Notes available for chemistry students about FERROUS. The document contains full knowledge of the extractive process of general metals, the powder metallurgy, a brief account of pig and cast iron, steels and their manufacture process and the Fe-C Phase diagram along with heat treatment processes.


These notes deal with the analysis of materials i.e. their mechanical, physical and chemical properties , along with the type of materials and their deformations. The content in the documents contain topics such as SELECTION OF MATERIALS, MECHANICAL PROPERTIES,etc. A full compilation is provided of the above mentioned data in the documents attatched below.


A detailed description available in the notes below. Explaination available on biology topics for engineering students. The contents included in the document are molicular machines, bacterial flagellar motor, cytoskeleton, etc.


A brief document on non ferrous metals i.e. three most important metals copper, nickel and lead and their alloys. Available for understanding purpose for chemistry students. The document includes topics such as Important ores of copper, Concentration, Roasting, Smelting, Impurities in Blister Copper and their Effects, etc.


The document contains a full knowledge on composites i.e. their classification on various basis and its manufacture process and a full account of adhesives i.e. its types, bonding process, and factors affecting adhesives.


A full detailed document on ceramics, its properties , types and its applications in today's world is attatched below. contents included in the PDF are Classification of Ceramics, Traditional Ceramics, Whitewares, Structural Clay Products, Brick and Tile, Abrasives, Refractories, Advanced Ceramics, Electroceramics, etc.


A full detailed description of refractories, its properties, its types, materials used for its manufacture process and the techniques of manufacturing. It includes information about Characteristics of Refractories, Properties of Refractories, Classification Based on Chemical Composition, Classification Based on Chemical Composition, etc.


Notes available for chemistry students. The document contain information about abrasives in detail. Content in the document includes Classifications, Applications, Natural Abrasives, Artificial or Synthetic Abrasives, Silicon Carbide or Carborundum, Calcium Carbide, etc.


Springs are frequently used in our day to day life. The document contains the basic knowledge about the springs , it's classifications and materials used to make spring. These are somewhat exam ready notes that can be used for frequent study.