Are IITs really worth the pain?

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99% of the non-med students and parents aim for IITs. But, is all that rigorous prep really worth it?

IITs have been touted as the benchmark for every engineering aspirant out there but, is all that pain really worth it for trying for your four years in an IIT. All of us know that IITs are at the top of the line of the engineering colleges in India but, a lesser known fact is that not even a single IIT has made its place in the Top 150 engineering colleges in the world. Students start preparing for their “big exam” from 9th standard onwards and this is has been a trend for quite a time now. People even move to the “Prep capital of India-Kota” in their school days for preparing for IIT. The reality is a bit different, rather than preparation the students have to go through a lot of stress & pressure.

Though, life in IITs is undoubtedly enlightening and enriching in terms of knowledge. IITians tell that the amount of knowledge which they’ve gained from the professors is lesser than what they have learned from their batch mates, because in IITs every student has undergone a very rigorous training and has fine-tuned his techniques to a much higher level, so, everyone in the IITs will be smarter than you. Due to such high competition before and after getting into IITs, one is bound to work hard and sustain in their position.

The environment & the healthy competition is undoubtedly good but the question is that out of 1.4 Million students attempting the exam only 10 thousand get selected and during this preparation, the stress and mental pressure which the students go through is worth it or not? Well, that depends entirely on you. On what you make of it. IITs for sure have all the resources and an excellent peer group so if you know how to hit the right chords, it might as well be worth it. But then, if you really want to make it through, suicide/influence of harmful things shouldn’t have even a minor chance. One should believe in themselves and in the preparation which they do because things can never go that bad that you even think of giving up. Also, students should make sure that they perform well and work with all their heart irrespective of the college they get in because the Journey is more important than the Destination and Life is what you make it.


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