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Communication is as old as man itself. Without communication we

cant live and work together in an organized way. It enables us to

understand others and make ourselves understand.

Communication is the process by which we exchange meanings,

facts, ideas, opinions or emotions with other people. The word

communication has been derived from a latin word “ Communis”

which means commonness or to share or to participate. At every

moment of time we share our views, ideas, opinions with others in

the form of speeches or in writing or like other mean by exchange

of common set of symbols.

Meaning : Man is a communicating animal ; he alone has a power

to ex conpress the words. The presence of minimum of two minds

is essential for communication. Infact, communication to conver

a message by one person to another so that the other person

may understand, follow and implement the follow the message of

another , it cant be called communication. For instance if Mr. X

delivers a lecture in Hindi to a gathering of Americans (to whom

Hindi language is greek or latin ) , it will fall flat on them and there

is no communication in it. “Basically , communication is a twoway

process and the two terminals should be concerned with

mutual understanding if communication is to be purposefully

effective’. It is important to note that communication does not

mean merely written or oral messages. It includes everything that

may be used to convey meaning from one to another person. For

example movement of lips or the wink of an eye or wave of hands

may convey more meaning than even spoken or written words.

 “ Communication is the sum total of all the things that a person

does when he wants to creat an understanding in the mind of the

another. It involves a systematic and continuous process of

telling, listening and understanding. In the words of Theo Haiman “ Communication is a process is

a process of passing information and understanding from one

person to another . It is a process of imparting ideas and making

oneself understood by others.

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