Something about the most practiced way of scoring marks these days which is always mixed with “Studying” by most of the people.

Be it school going children or college going students everyone’s major motto these days is to score marks and, they mug up to do that. The fact that the amount of knowledge we gain out of it is something different.

Mugging up is one of the most common & practiced ways which is in trend these days and which will most probably stay in the education fraternity always. But the question which one should ask themselves is that “how helpful is mugging up to us?” or the reason why we practice it is just for the sake of getting some marks under our belt. For almost all the cases the answer will be to score marks only.

For everyone out there, this should be a thing worth giving a thought about. Studies are supposed to enhance our knowledge & thinking about a subject but, mugging up takes it away from the purpose. When you mug up a topic, say gravity. You don’t think about the topic in and out or you don’t give yourself a reason why do we take the acceleration with the negative sign when an object is thrown upwards. This is a very basic example and everyone would know this by default. But, if this is the case about every topic which one mugs up, it is going to be a major problem and an issue which one should do something for. Education is meant to be understood with ample amount of reasons to fulfil its purpose in our lives rather than just remembering things before the night of an exam and writing it up on the next day.

Undoubtedly, marks have their own importance which cannot be left out. But, at the same time, this importance should not come in the way of gaining knowledge. So, everyone should study with the thought of gaining something from it other than marks.