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The magazine journalism also termed as periodical press in the field of mass communication which is survived by alterations to cater to specific needs just as in the case of radio broadcast. Before the popularity of television started to rise, radio broadcast and the print industry specifically the magazine industry in India were blooming with high hopes. There were more magazines in English and even more in the regional languages on the newsstands, bookstalls and stores than ever before. There is place for all kinds of magazines like general interest magazines, speciality magazines, news magazines, house magazines etc. In fact magazine journalism in India has been in a way a trend setter where young editors got a chance to break new grounds and illustrate their innovative and improvisation skills posing challenges to their own creative ability and talent in the face of stiff competition.

Magazine journalism is vitally different from newspaper journalism in many important aspects. Magazines lend perspective to contemporary events, they serve as interpreters and analysts of trends and events. Comparatively free from the deadline rush of the daily press, they are in a position to add a bit of background, researched effort and back reference to the contemporary events. With a more durable cover and stitched pages, magazines are not ephemeral things, to be flipped over and cast aside. Magazine perform a middle distance role between newspapers and books while newspapers report events as they occur and books record them with historical perspective, magazines add a new dimension that of investigation, data and analysis. Another basic difference between the magazine and newspaper is; while newspapers do not aim at a single special group, and must have something of everything for almost everybody, magazines are generally designed for specific target groups. Magazines provide immense diversity almost in every aspect i.e. cover, design, layout, contents and perspective, variety of subjects etc.

The modern magazines are essentially a product of printing technology advancement fostered in America in the late ninetieth century. Though magazines in the twentieth century were heavily dependent on advertising as the main source of income, the industry had to face stiff competition from television and films and thus the era of television uprising also become the graveyard for many once popular and flourishing magazines. Indian newsmagazines flourished in the aftermath of emergency. Magazines like India today, Sunday, Week, Frontline and Outlook were successful in catching the attention and imagination of the reading public. The newsmagazines in India cover a wide range of subjects from politics, which dominates the pages, to sports, films, social themes, human interest stories to AIDS, women’s rights and human rights.

 In the 21st century magazine journalism has developed more specific and  diversified traits and the cadre of journalism is sub divided into many more  categories. Specific magazine publications have strived in specific beats like film  magazines such as filmfare,stardust and femina which are called mags in general  language,sports specific magazines  such as sportsstar, automotive industry  specific magazines like overdrive, business specific magazines like business today; in the current scenario the beats have grown and become more specified and diverse than ever before and the market and readership for every beat is blooming both in India and internationally.

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