Make a conversation with anyone

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Let’s start with a question: how many of you know the people who are living on the same floor as you? If yes, then do you remember first conversation you had with that person?

Conversations are links, which means when you have a conversation with a new person a link gets formed and every conversation you have after that moment will strengthen the link.

You meet new people everyday; the grocery worker, the cab driver, new people at work or the security guard at the door. Simply starting a conversation with them will form a link.

Now imagine your life with these conversation links. How many you can remember? Believe me, I tried but after 20 I forgot the count. It’s like a world wide web of conversation links, which can give you a whole new perspective.

A conversation opens a door, conversation can make war and it can make peace as well. Conversation defines who we are as a human race.

Think about it, you will begin knowing nothing about every single person in your life right now – the single thing that breaks the ice is the first conversation.

Here are 7 simple ways that you can make the first move and start a conversation with strangers.

1. Just say it-hey, hy

2. Skip the small talk

3. Find the “me too”s

4. Pay a unique compliment

5. Ask for an opinion

6. Be present

7. Name, places, animal, things-remember about him