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Population refers to the individuals living or inhabiting in the same area at the same time.Its dynamics depends upon age,density,dispersion,size & speciation.

Factors of population:

1.Natality:no. of individuals added through birth.

2.Mortality:no. of individuals removed through death.

Population density:no. of individuals in a population per unit habit area.It depends on structure ,age & mating.

A speciation in a population dynamics involves generation or formation of new species through evolution that may occur in a particular geographical area.

Types of speciation:

1.Sympatric:When new & existing species live in same geographical area at same time period.

2.Allopatric:When different species live in diiferent geographical ares but at same period of time.

3.Parapatric:Addition of new species to a new geographical area which may lead to positive & negative interactions between population groups which may lead to deletion of a few selected species.

Population dispersion can be in the form of cluster,clump,uniform or random.

Fluctuation in a population may occur due to environmental changes.

Population studies are represented as demographs,Its a graphical way of representing population statics,they are usually related to  a no. of 1000 or more.They can be in the form of stable,expanding or declining structure.

Population growth depends on biotic & abiotic factors,they are charachterised as both generalised & logical.In generalised form there are four phases such the lag phase which is the early growth phase,log phase which is the exponential phase,stationary or stable phase & declining or death phase.In logical form,it is assumed that more  no. of population are found in that particular period of time.

Survivalship curve refers to an organisms adapatation & its ability to reproduce naturally under a given duration of time which later on represented in the form of a graph.

Factors influencing population growth are natural calamities,birth & death rate,increased predation,competetion for food & other resources & disease.  

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