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To investigate problems in LBSIM related to faculty student relations and to make recommendations, as requested by Ms. Parul Singh, on August 24, 2017.


1.     Interview were held with Dr. Anil K Kanungo and Dr. Anshu Agrawal.

2.     Interviews were held with the students of different institutes facing the same problem



1.1.   The focus of students in the college is on examinations rather than training for future and really getting their skills tested. Because of this, students show only their retention powers, not their actual capacity or knowledge.

1.1.1. At IIFT, the students emphasize more on learning than on scoring high grades. The grading system is itself well-defined that promotes holistic development among students. They tend to focus more on practical learning or more appropriately applying their theoretical knowledge in the real world which would help them in a holistic development.

1.1.2.The students are nowadays too much involved in “Now” thinking rather than “Future “thinking. When the students come to class they concentrate mainly on attendance and acquiring the minimum required percentage. They don’t come to college to acquire knowledge.

1.1.3.Students of IIFT have a professional attitude imbibed in them. They focus on their career in order to be successful. They have their priorities sorted in life over these distractions.


2.1.   There are times when a student wants to approach the faculty but due to no proper channel established, he/she is unable to.

2.1.1. In IIFT, there is a proper break given to students where they can approach the faculty, if they are free, and consult regarding any issues they have.

2.2.   Teachers also have many things to do such as research papers or sometimes personal work. This at times comes as a hurdle when a student wants to talk to the faculty relating to something different from the curriculum as they cannot make time for such talks.

2.2.1. This has happened at both the institutes, LBSIM and IIFT, as the faculty were busy with

their personal problems and could not help students at the time. They did ask the students to come by later with their issues though.

2.3.   There are some instances when the teachers do not entertain students regarding their personal problems. But limit their interaction to the academic related concerns only.

2.4.   Students have a very hectic life in MBA. They are given daily assignment and weekly projects, which are to be completed within the deadline. This problem of time unavailability basically leads to the students only discussing their projects with the faculty.

2.4.1.  In IIFT we found that the same problem was persisting.



1.     Improper channels of communication

1.1.  The medium of communication between students and the faculty should much more than just classroom discussion. Discussions over skype is a feasible option which is practiced across the world in many leading universities.    

2.     Busy schedule of faculties

2.2. The schedule of the faculty and students may or may not be compatible with the free sessions, so faculty may share a common platform over the web for students to post their queries and the faculty can get back to them over the same.

3.     Students are less serious about their careers.

3.3. The motivation and satisfaction are two of the key factors in the determining the seriousness in students regarding their career. The seriousness along with hard work can go a long way in not just one’s career but in his/her life. 





1.     Proper time slots should be allotted so that student and faculty could interact with each other.

1.1.  The schedule of both the faculty and the students shall be made complementing to each other to maximize the utilization of time from both ends.

2.     The students should develop professional communication skills to approach the faculty to share their concerns.

1.2.  Development of soft skills amongst students is a must keeping in mind the holistic development of them. Having knowledge and without being able to communicate the same with the faculty isn’t good. Students shall be encouraged to take part in competitions and events to enhance their soft skills.

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