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IP University- 7th Sem Notes(CS &IT)

Notes relating to, semester- 7th, Subjects discussed - Advanced Computer Networks(ACN), Information Security(IS), Software Testing & Quality(STQA), Wireless Communication(WCOM), Natural Language Processing(NLP), Advanced Database Management Systems(ADBMS) #ipuniversity

Software Engineering Pressman Hindi

Available informative documents regarding software Engineering pressman. Attatched are the hindi notes of the subject Software Engineering. Explaining what is software, who does it, what is the importance,what is the work product,etc.

Software Engineering

Looking for presentations on Software engineering? you are at the right place. Study material available through short and crisp presentations in English. The slides includes informaive material formed for easy learning.

SSC Preparation Material (Paramount)

Prepare for SSC-CGL with the best material available online. Attatched are the handwritten notes of the following subjects- Maths, english, science, polity, history, geography. All notes available in english. #SSC #PARAMOUNT#HSSC

Image processing and its Application

Get relevant information about the subject Computer graphics, sub topic- image processing and it's applications. Attatchments below provide notes for referance purpose. The pfd includes information about the following- What is Image Processing?, Applications, Purpose of Image Processing, Types of Image Processing, Components of Image Processing, Future Scope, Advantages, Disadvantages and Conclusion. video link-

IP University- 1st Sem Notes

IP university notes available for first semester students, the attatchments include the following subjects - Manufacturing Processes(MP), Fundamentals of Computing(FOC), Physics-1, Chemistry, Electrical Technology(ET), Human Values & Ethics(HVPV). #ipuniversity

Amity B. A. L. L. B. sem 1 notes(legal methods)

Notes available via attatchments by Amity university for B.A.L.L.B. Legal methods. Get relevant information about the subject law, legal methods. Providing information about introduction to legal research and writing, etc. #amityuniversity


Preparing for SQL? wondering what will be the questions be like? We provide you with the best helping guide.The attatchment includes SQL interview questions and answers for the best of your preprations. envolving topics such as DBMS, RDBMS,etc. related video on this link -


Detailed notes available on computer graphics via attatchments. For more referance material watch related videos on this link - Watch related videos on this link -


Notes relating to the subject computer science, software engineering. Relevant and helpful Explainations provided with every chapter of the sub topic i.e operating systems. Chapters include specifics such as Process Management, Memory Management, Storage Management, Protection and Security, Kernel Data Structures, Computing Environments, etc. find related videos on this link -

Class 11th Python and computer fundamental

Introduction to python programming for class 11th students, programming methodology and computer fundamental are explained in these ppts.


The attatchment includes GIS REMOTE SENSING GPS MCQ Questions Answers. Topics related to the courese computerscience, sub topic is computer networks. The content of the attatchment includes ADVANCE SURVEYING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ANSWERS, GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS & RS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS ANSWERS, etc. Find related videos on this link -