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Sharing the notes of Web Service. In this knowledge you can find the interview question and answers of Web Service. Useful for students of computer science.The attatchment contains topics such as Web Service Interview/VIVA and it's Questions and Answers.

Last 6 months Preparation Strategy for GATE 2018

Preparing for GATE? Tensed because 6 months are left for the exam? Don't worry and start preparing now. We can provide you with the best preparation strategy. Just check out the link and Subscribe to the channel for more such videos


Notes of SATELLITES available in the attatchments below. You can find the overview and types of Satellites in the pdf's attatched. These include topics such as History, How Satellites Work, Satellite Frequency Bands and Antennas, Orbit Distance, Pros & Cons, Applications, types, etc. If you need the videos related to Satellites, Click on this link -


Notes attatched includes content of SOFTWARE METRICS using Constructive Cost Model. The topic includes CONSTRUCTIVE COST MODEL, COCOMO MODELS, Classes of software projects, etc. Find the related videos on this link -

HSSC sample papers

Preparing for the HSSC exam? wondering how the questions will be? Here we are present witha solution. The attatchment contains relevant questions for the HSSC exam in the form of sample papers. Sharing the most relevant and helpful sample papers. Available with all sets. #hssc#clerk

Test Series of GI and Reasoning(Hindi) Paramount

Attatched below is the Paramount Test Series of GI and Reasoning. This includes relevant questions and answers that could be beneficial for the preparation of SSC-CGL government exams. The attatchment is provided in hindi language. #SSC #CGL

Python Basics

The below attatched pdf has all the information relevant about pythons .The attatchment includes contents such as ITS VARIOUS FUNCTIONS, TULIPS, DICTIONARIES,ERRORS AND EXCEPTIONS, OS PATHS, OPERATORS, STRINGS ETC.

Big Bazaar - Macro Micro Environemnt

Case study available for management students, studying subject marketing and sales. The case study can be used for assignments and projects. Topics included in the attatchment below are MICRO ENVIIRONMENT of big bazaar, PESTLE ANALYSIS FOR BIG BAZZAR, Marketing Research Techniques, etc.

Case study of ASIAN PAINTS

Sharing a case study for the students of Marketing Management class for marketing and sales purpose. This case study can be used for project and examination purpose. The attatchment includes topics such as Product Portfolio, Distribution Network, Insights from field visits, etc.

C++ Interview Q&A

Preparing for C++? wondering how will the questions be in the viva and interview? don't worry we get you all the relevant questions asked in viva and interview. The questions in the content contains topics such as Virtual Destructor, default constructor, conversion constructor, etc. Find the videos related to this knowledge-

Amity french sem 1 question paper 2015

Amity University provides French question paper for semester 1 students.The examination year of the french test is 2015. Attatchment provided for practice and revision purpose. #Amityuniversity

Cambridge IELTS

The attatchments below include pdf's and PPT's from the university of Cambridge. Relevant questions related to IELTS available for prepartation. The test series are divided into a number of parts for general training. Solutions given along with every test and sample paper.