Knowledge in After Graduation

General knowledge

Very useful for all government exams purpose

LIC ADO Quantitative Aptitude

LIC ADO Quantitative Aptitude

Quant Formulae

Quant Formulae- Time and money Distance and Angles Surds and Indices

Report on Autonomic computing

Report on Autonomic computing

Electric Dipole (extended), II semester

Attached document contains notes of Electric Dipole. These notes are prepared by a professor are really helpful and easy to understand

Thermal Physics Internal, II semester

Internal Paper for Thermal Physics. Solving these questions can be really helpful for your exam preparation and a revision of concepts

Thermal Physics II sem

Attached document contains previous year question paper of thermal physics. Solving a previous year question paper is really helpful from the exam point of view. Also, for a quick revision and performance analysis

Mathematical Physics

Attached document contains internal question paper of mathematical physics. Solving these question can be really helpful for your exam preparation and a revision of concepts

Mathematical Physics IV

Attached document contains Mathematical physics assignment for semester 4. These questions are really helpful for the exams and revision of concepts

Classification of Fish ( Zoology / Biology )

Here is the detailed classification of Fish with proper flow chart. It is included in the syllabus of B.Sc. Honours 1st Year (Zoology) under Calcutta University.

Sample Resume or C.V

This is a sample resume or C.V. that can be used for interviews or internship processes.