Knowledge in After Post - Graduation

Column Chromatography

A basic concept in Analytical Chemistry, to separate mixture organic sample mainly in liquid form.

Sample Resume or C.V

This is a sample resume or C.V. that can be used for interviews or internship processes.

Model United Nations. Details and Procedure

This is a detailed guide regarding the rules, procedures, and model code of conduct of Model United Nations.

Manufacturing Industries

Notes for chapter 8 - Manufacturing Industries for class 12th.


Sharing the notes of MANAGING THE SYSTEM in brief. If you want to see related videos click on this link -

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gravity Dams

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gravity Dams

Digital Electronics Ch-3

Concepts of digital circuit and logic design, Theorem of boolean algebra. AND law, OR law, De Morgan's Law. Principle of duality, inverse theorem, Universal gates using NAND and NOR gates. Sum Of Products form and Product Of Sum Form.