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exp 4


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What does the "Your 2017 on Quora" email for you l

I became a part of this best knowledge sharing platform in October, 2016 and started observing the great minds here. Soon, I became so addicted to Quora that my browsing history started showing Quora on top of everything and honestly, I am happy for having a semi-transparent relationship (sometimes it ditches me and collapses my answer for violating its moderation) with it. When crush refused to go out with me, Quora held my hands and and we spent the best times with each other. We were so busy with ourselves that my parents and friends asked me “Ye Quora Quora kya hai, ye Quora Quora?” whenever I shared something it taught me. Anyway, my 2017 on Quora email looks something like this. Quite surprisingly, 87 new members joined our family, Quora! See, I told you I am not just a crap bag, despite what my mom thinks. Yeah, I am a lesser known writer here but look, I've got some followers who like my stuff!(it feels great :v) Hey Quora, we have accompanied each other in the toughest times (social gatherings and boring lectures) for one whole year now and I don’t want to hear “we need to talk Shubham…” from you for God's sake! Enough rubbish for today xD Love y’all Quorans! Shubham Kumar Sharma Image source: My phone gallery.