Knowledge in arts college

A short history of chinese philosophy

This book depicts the history of chinese philosophers and their development over time. Author(s): Fung Yu-lan, Derek Bodde Publisher: The Free Press, Year: 1948

Person Perception and Attribution

It defines person perception and the attribution theories with relevant examples. The examples explain the concept crisply. This exegesis is also a repetitive question's answer in Delhi University's "Social psychology" core subject. Many internal assignments are based on this clip.

BA P Sociology semester 1 paper DU

These are previous year papers of B.A program Sociology for the first semester. (Delhi University) It is observed that these questions are repetitive and help in scoring good.

Group Dynamics

It is an exegesis of a concept in social psychology. Group dynamics are elaborated with the help of a relevant example. The concepts of group dynamics are explained and correlated through a Netflix series. "Dear White People" is used to explain group dynamics. This exegesis can be used as an assignment for group dynamics as it evaluates all aspects of group dynamics through a modern day example.

Person Perception and Theories

Evaluation of various theories of person perception with relevant examples. The relevant example is of a popular series "FRIENDS". Such example is used to make the understanding of the topic easier. This concept is very repetitive in terms of examination purpose.

Walchand electronics sem-3 syllabus

Walchand college electronics sem-3 syllabus