Knowledge in civil


It contains a notes for Engineering chemistry

All Important Formulae for Civil Engineering Graduates.

This PDF comprises all important & required formulae for Civil engineering students and graduates , It's a must read PDF for Civil engineers. This can be asked in job interviews for Site Engineer, and other post related in Construction industry.

Objective Questions for CE Students

Material of Construction Building construction Surveying Mechanics Som SA And other important topics covered in this document

CONSTRUCTION project management

Integrated approach to Construction Project management Project life cycle and success Building the client business case Project definition Strategic issues

Flow in Open channel

Flow in Open channel Energy depth equation Uniform flow Gradually varied flow theory Rapidly varied flow

Material for civil and construction engineers

Material Engineering concept Natural of material Steel Aluminium Aggregate Portland cement , admixture

Planning & Scheduling of Constructions

Planning and scheduling of Construction Introduction of planning process Break-down structure Graphic convenient for tasks Development of network diagram Time and duration activities Delays in Constructions

Principal of Geotech Engineering

Historical perspective Origin of soil and grain size Wt volumes relationship Plasticity and structure relationship Classification of soil Self compaction Permeability Seepage

Principal of Foundation Engineering

Geotechnical properties of soil Naturally soil deposit Shallow foundation Ultimate bearing capacity Mat foundation Lateral earth pressure' Retaining walls Sheet pile walls

Project management for facility Constructions

Introduction Multiple projects management Contract organisation Contract administration Project management organisation Project information and communication management Project feasible Planning