Knowledge in Basic Electronics

Basic Electronics for KIIT University

Study Material on Basic Electronics for B.Tech

MicroProcessor and MicroController

Introduction to 8085 and 8086 Microprocessor as well as Basic concepts of Micro controller.


Basic concepts of Digital Electronics explained

Logic Family-DEC

Basic concepts of Logic family, a basic component of Digital electronics


Basic Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

MicroProcessor and MicroControllers

Full notes of Micro Processor and Micro controller for 5th semester Electronics Branch as well as Computer Science and Systems Engineering, KIIT Deemed to be University.

80286 Microprocessor

Basic concepts of 80286 Micro processor for KIIT deemed to be University, 6th Semester, Advanced Microprocessor.

8086 Concepts and Instruction Set

Full notes of 8086 Microprocessor for 6th Semester, Advanced Microprocessor, KIIT deemed to be University.


This ppt contains the basic knowledge about the electronics and it is entirely related to robotics and engineering . Moreover the script in this ppt is user friendly and covers the large amount of knowledge related to the robotics and helpful in gaining the much knowledge in the engineering stream. Moreover the sentences and the script in these ppt are error free.

Data communication and network

Some basic data communication and network notes, for biotechnology, 1st year, Computer. Very much similar to electronics subject DCN. This note has the basics of this subject


It is written by a group of people of snist for the better understanding of the juniors in the club. It has been presented by technical advisory board of trc-snist. It contains detalils about radio frequency communication. It also contain details about like RFID etc and many more.