Knowledge in Communications

Communication skills- Variety of sentences

In this PDF there is detailed concepts and examples related to Communication skills regarding variety of sentences .You will be able to learn how to use in daily life.

Model United Nations. Details and Procedure

This is a detailed guide regarding the rules, procedures, and model code of conduct of Model United Nations.

Important aptitude notes

Aptitude notes which are helpful for your interview question , gate exam , cat exam etc .

Basic Presentation on "Listening Skills"

It the Presentation on the important topic "Listening Skills". Listening Skill is necessary for an technical as well as non-technical student. The presentation took the various important points for the Listening Skills Ability.

Improve your written english

In this the basic concept of writting essay , article ,report etc and make it creative are present . It is important for gate exam , cate exam and also all the government exam .

Akash Communication Skills 1st Year B-Tech (CSE) IP University

This is the Akash book for the subject: Communication Skills (CS) in B-Tech(CSE), IP University. These contain the questions that are asked in the end-term exams. Study the questions well and verify your answers. Questions are repeated in exams so study them well. This will help you score well in exams. Also, study these for the sessionals as the questions are repeated.

Latest updated syllabus of cat

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Analog Communication - DSBSC Modulation

In the process of Amplitude Modulation, the modulated wave consists of the carrier wave and two sidebands. The modulated wave has the information only in the sidebands. Sideband is nothing but a band of frequencies, containing power, which are the lower and higher frequencies of the carrier frequency.

Analog Communication - SSBSC Demodulator

The process of extracting an original message signal from SSBSC wave is known as detection or demodulation of SSBSC. Coherent detector is used for demodulating SSBSC wave.

Analog Communication - SSBSC Modulation

In the previous chapters, we have discussed DSBSC modulation and demodulation. The DSBSC modulated signal has two sidebands. Since, the two sidebands carry the same information, there is no need to transmit both sidebands. We can eliminate one sideband. The process of suppressing one of the sidebands along with the carrier and transmitting a single sideband is called as Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier system or simply SSBSC. It is plotted as shown in the following figure.

First Generation of Computer

This file contains all about Computer Generations.. First Generation Computers.