Knowledge in Computer Architecture

Computer Architecture- Morris Mano Solved

A complete solution of computer system architecture by Morris Mano(3rd edition).

Computer System Architecture

Computer System Architecture by M.Morris Manu (latest edition) is available with a solution manual. The entire book is available in the document attatched below. This book provides a deep and clear idea of CSA with rich content and simple language.

Who owns the Internet?

Who owns the Internet? Ans. The question itself seems typical, but its answer isn’t that typical. In real, no actual individual or group owns the internet and just life the water it’s controlled & supplied by its networkers or suppliers, it depends on the connected networks and its infrastructure.

information technology notes

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course computer science and subject- Computer Architecture. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as Sorting and Searching, Search Result, Linear Search, Linear Search Performance, Binary Search, etc.


Booth's algo explained in a easiest way.. also with examples. find the video-


Sharing the Questions and Answers of COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTURE. The topics included are concerned with the topics COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND ARCHITECTURE. Find the related videos on this link -

CSE Service Oriented Architecture(SOA)

Sharing the notes of Service Oriented Architecture in brief. Watch the related video on this link -

computer acrchitecture

Notes avaliable for the students studying computer science as a course and subject Computer Architecture.The document below includes topics such as Brief History of Computer Evolution, Evolution of Computers, Speed of operation, Basic Terminology, etc. #LNMI

Computer organization and Embedded System

Computer organization and Embedded System book 6th edition by Carl Hamacher, Zvonko Vranesic, It includes topic like Basic Structure of Computers, Basic Operational Units, Number representation and Arithmetic Operation,etc.

Basic Structure of Computers

It includes topics like different types of functional units in Computer, Sampling, Quantization, Arithmetic Logic Unit, Sign Magnitude representation and 1's Complement, etc.

Ripple Carry Adder and Carry Look ahead adder

It contains notes for the modified adders such as Ripple Cary adder and Carry look ahead adder. Also the logic diagram of both the adders and their complexities and time taken by them to perform addition and substraction. Overflow condition is also being explained.

Binary Multiplication

Binary multiplication methods, how to compute n-bit binary multiplication, Combinational array multiplication circuit, sequential algorithm for n-bit multiplication, signed operand multiplication such as Booth Algorithm.