Knowledge in Computer Graphics

Game Programming all in one

Available below is the book 'Game Programming all in one' by Bruno miuel Teixeria de sousa in a pdf format. Useful for students of Computer Science, studying Computer graphics.Topics included are C++ Programming, Windows Programming, Hardcore game Programming, etc.

Microsoft Press - Microsoft Visual Basic 2010

Microsoft Press - Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 by MICHAEL HALVORSON. Available for students of computer science, studying computer graphics. Topics included are Programming Steps, Visual Basic Program, Setting the Properties, Setting the IDE for Visual Basic Development, etc.

PHOTOSHOP tutorials

Sharing the notes of the topic Open Source. Useful for students of computer science, studying computer graphics as a subject. In this document you can find everything about Photoshop. The topics included are Complete beginners guide to Adobe Photoshop, Folder structure, Photoshop short cut keys, etc.

fun with PHOTOSHOP

photoshopshortcuts from basic to expert level. let photoshop the world. in a very easy way.

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics Notes

Computer graphics Q&A

THIS CLIP CONSISTS OF VARIOUS SET OF QUESTIONS OF COMPUTER GRAPHICS ASKED IN A VIVA OR AN INTERVIEW. for example: what is rotation? ; what is winding number? ;what is cubical spline? Etc. Questions can be used for reference and preparation purpose. also find the video of relevant knowledge-

Computer graphics Numericals

Computer graphics numericals with explanations. video link-


Sharing the notes of TERRAIN MODELLING BASICS. Find the related videos on this link -

Image processing and its Application

Get relevant information about the subject Computer graphics, sub topic- image processing and it's applications. Attatchments below provide notes for referance purpose. The pfd includes information about the following- What is Image Processing?, Applications, Purpose of Image Processing, Types of Image Processing, Components of Image Processing, Future Scope, Advantages, Disadvantages and Conclusion. video link-

Digital elevation model

Digital elevation model explained in easiest manner. find the video regarding the knowledge-


wondering what will be asked it the interview? We bring to you Geographical information system questions and answers asked in interview. Useful for computer science students, studying the subject computer graphics. For reference please visit video link -

everything about 3D graphics

A to Z of 3D graphics. Chapter wise notes explained in detail with useful material for students of computer science, studying the subject computer graphics. Attatchments includes topics such as ALIASING, ALPHA CHANNEL, AMBIENT COLOR, AMBIENT LIGHT, ANTIALIASING, ASPECT RATIO, B-SPLINE, etc. video link-