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Network Analysis question paper SNIST

This is the question paper of network Analysis of semester exam related to the sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology .

Group discussion

Students aspiring for professional courses have to often face the test of group discussions.Though much has been discussed about it in this article,at the end students are often not quite sure how to go about it.This is because of the highly extempore nature of this mode of public speaking.In  group discussion,you do not have any time to prepare when  you join the group for the discussion.Then what are your ways and means to contribute to the discussion,in case you do not know much about the subject? .The means are your preferences, your presence of mind,your general knowledge, skill to listen to others in the group, instant learning from  other's  points , creativity to open a new perspective to the issue at hand,and demonstration of your leadership quality bby helping a convergent discussion.One need not have all the qualities,but should be able to combine what he has or knows,and the confidence to start speaking .In most cases ,points will then start flowing ;but make sure that points are logically placed.You can gain your skill for extempore discussions by regular participation  in group meetings, debates and moot practice,form a group of like minded students and practise by choosing any of the topics from forgoing list or from any other  source .A group of 4 to 5 students will be ideal group for  moot practice. Few key points for group discussion::: 1.Try to grasp the core issue of the topic. 2.Open  your discussion with a short but emphatic statement. 3.While expanding your points ,stay centred on the issue being discussed. 4.Try to think differently and creatively. 5.Don't challenge someone or create a row during discussion.If you don't agree with someone's view ,say politely and modestly.You can be assertive without  offending. 6.It is not enough to start well, you must also finish well.Try to summarise your points most effectively. 7.Finally ,practise as much as you can , and untill you are satisfied with yourself .That is the only way to learn and grow.  Learning points...... 1.Group discussion , debate and seminars are not the same . 2.Purpose of group discussion is primarily focussed on evaluating one's effective communication skill, clarity of thoughts ,and power of logical reasoning. 3.Ending your discussion well-known in both group discussion and seminars -is as important as a good beginning.


In this we will learn about carpentry

Self help is the BEST HELP

Self help is the best this content writing I have shared a beautiful story with you all. A man when helped another person ,and in return he didn't wished for money... instead he just asked that person to help another person who is in need and help.if the another person really wanted to pay him his on....goes the story..and finally, he got his help when this story. There is a chain of helpfulness and givingness.....if we all help each other as in this story. Then there will be no problem in our lives...and in this story it also teaches us that we should never be greedy and we should all be helpful...and who knows what will happen in moral is help each other it is the basic element of life..and you will be always paid back.....Help each other.......

Women and sexism in Indian school textbook

Women and sexism in Indian school textbook

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Research And Analysis Wing

This doc contain the info related to the secret agency of india and the info is in error free format.

Inductor --- And its application

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Ultra Sonic Sensor Interfacing with Arduino

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Writing skills - BJMC first year

Detailed information for how to begin, how to end and how to write. The way is explained how to think and what to think before writing. Useful for everyone.


Detailed information regarding AFA rules, issued by jims Vasant Kunj by professors.