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This is original question paper of class 12 board exam question paper of subject English core , language , grammer , literature , writing , chapters , novels , solution , stories , inspiration , moral values

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Live For Great Cause : Varun Dawar Insan

Varun Dawar InsanVarun Dawar Insan was born on 6 May 2002 in Jalalabad, Punjab. He Says That "Live for Great Cause , Always Work for Cause not Applause"Currently he is persuading his higher studies. He Completed his Post Metric Studies in Saint Kabir Gurukul School. Where he Got many achievements like The Titles of " Mr All Rounder " in his 10th class Farewell and Then " Best Student of the Year " in his 12th class Farewell. Varun is very curious in nature. his curiosity lies in participating in every type competition. His Hobbies are Dancing , singing , drawing , Poetry writing , Shayri , Digital Art like Photo editing , Video Creation etc.Varun has Uploaded some of his School time Videos on his YouTube channel Varun Dawar Insan and he keeps uploading vlogs for entertaining people.He Also believe in adding value to people's life. That's why he has created a technical channel Unlock Knowledge. Where he shares his technical knowledge .Varun says everything positive in him is the Blessing of Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan (his Guru ji). He says his Guru ji Blessed him with The Method of Meditation from where he got strength to stay positive and energetic always in any circumstance.That's why Varun always says that Meditation is the Best way to Cure every disease in Life either it is for negativity or for physical problems.Thanks.