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Advertising is a waste of resources

Are advertisements a complete waste of resources or do they actually help in generating business for the company, by promoting its presence among consumers ? This question has a lot of sides to it. Here is an article that gives an explanation for both against and for the motion.


Ecommerce companies are today growing in both length and breadth. One of the main reasons as to why they are able to attract consumers is due to the ease and comfort of its delivery service, and especially due to its discounts offered. Here is an article showing as to how these discounts can be harmful in the long run. This topic has also been used by many to conduct group discussions for students.




Refer to this all in one PPT to understand the international theories


The notes highlight Differences between micro and macro economic factors Positive economics versus normative economics Difference between Business Economics and Economics Market Forces and Equilibrium

Venezuela Hyperinflation

Hyperinflation in Venezuela is leading to millions of people sleeping hungry in this Latin American nation. The presentation talks about the factors that led to this massacre.

Scarcity of water will push world to war

Its a popular GD topic nowadays. Important for all students

Opportunistic Coalition Governments are insult to

Nowadays it is neccessary for students to be vigilant about all the happenings around them. We need to be updated about all the goals and intentions of our govt. Here is another important GD topic for all management students.

Road rage is the evil of modern society

These days people are finding themeselves helpless in a condition of road accident, even if they are not at fault, leading to anger and frustration on their part. This is the case now, the fault and mistakes of some people have to be born by innocent ones as well !

We are miserably poor in maintaining hygiene

It is an important topic for current affairs and group discussions.

In absence of strict laws Nirbhayas will be repeat

This artcile takes into consideration how lack of stringent laws can make the situation worse in our country, with respect to women safety.


Refer these slides to understand the concept of tax input credit.