Knowledge in electrical Trade

Working principle of dc motor

This document contains detailed construction and working of dc works on the principle of Faraday's laws of electromagnetism.

Basic electrical engineering important questions.

This document contains information questions on transformers, electrical installations,dc motor,dc generator.....

Three phase induction motor

This document contains complete information on there phase induction motor,dc generator, alternator, types of dc motor, speed control of dc motor

Electrical installations

This document contains working of mcb,elcb,mccb and sfu. Components of lt switch also contains information on earthing and types of earthing.

Transformers and its types.

This document contains information on transformers ratio, working of transformer and EMF equation of a transformer.

Basic electrical engineering

This document contains some important questions on Transformers,three phase induction motors, working principle of dc motors,alternators and electrical installations.

Transformers and it's types

This document contains information about transformers working and construction of single phase transformers

Basic electrical engineering (AC machines)

This document contains important information on three phase induction motor, alternator, synchronous generators and many ac machine.

Basic electrical engineering lab manual

This document contains experiment on circuits and electrical machines.some important experiment such as verification of kvl and kcl.

Basic electrical engineering lab manual 2

This document contains important experiments on DC circuit and it contains experiment like transient response of RL,RC,RLC circuit.

Alternating circuit problems.

This document contains important problems on alternating sine wave forms and problem on sine wave forms.types of sine waves.