Knowledge in Electromagnetism

DU 2nd Sem Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)

The topic discussed in the attatchments below is of the course Physics and subject Electromagnetism. The content in the documents below comprises of topics such as continuouse charge distribution, uniformally charged sphere, line charged distribution, etc. #Delhiuniversity

DU 2nd Sem Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)

Notes available on the topic 'Electricity and Magnetism', for Physics students studying Electromagnetism as a subject. The documents attatched below are in english language and are handwritten. Notes useful for semester 2 students. #Delhiuniversity

DU 2nd Sem Physics (Electricity and Magnetism)

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM PART 3 continued after 2..... suggested book "INTRODUCTION TO ELCTRODYNAMICS" by David J Griffiths.

Working of a microwave oven

A simple yet informative ppt on the working of the microwave oven.

Foundation of ELectrical Engineering

Given below are the notes for foundation of electrical engineerings asian editor. the presentation attached below will includes topic voltage source , basic circuit elements , KCL , KVL , inductors , capacitors , independent and dependent sources , etc. #BITS Pilani

Factors Affecting Corona

THe documents includes topics related to factor affecting corona . etc . #KIIT


Given below are the notes for physics students, studying the subject other . The topics inculded in the document attached defination of electromagnetism , magnetic fields from electricity , electrical forces , static electricity , current electricity , electricity fields , conductors , electric circuit , magnetism , magnets , electromagnet. etc .#SVNIT


Xrd is related with diffraction of xray in any medium and to study the behaviour of the beam on various particles and it's effect caused.The document comprises of a brief detail about XRD and some formulas related to it are discussed in a crispy and easy way. Material provided is useful for learning and preparing purpose. #SVNIT

Experiment Magnetic field due to a single coil

Lab Manual for the experiment Magnetic Field Due to a single coil. This experiment is to find the Magnetic field along the axis of the coil at different positions, Effect of different coil radius.

Lab Manual for Helmholtz Coil Experiment

Lab Manual for the experiment to study the Magnetic field for different separation of the coils, Superposition of field.


This knowledge describes some topics such as Magnetic Materials, Properties of Magnet, Magnetic lines of Flux, Induced Magnetism and its law, Non-Magnetic Materials, Magnetic Properties of Materials, Ferromagnetic Domains in Materials, Magnetization, Magnetization by Stroking, Magnetization by Heating and Hammering, Electromagnetism, and DeMagnetization by Heating & Hammering.