Knowledge in Electronics

AMP 8086 Interrupts

Notes on Interrupts of 8086 MP 

Notes on Placement Routing VLSI

VLSI notes for the topic Placement , Routing and Floorplanning

AWP notes on Radiowave propagation

Notes for AWP on the topic Radiowave Propagation

VLSI notes Endsem 6th

This knowledge cover all the topics of VLSI with explanation of semester 6th. Some topics are Development of VLSI, VLSI Design, Design Strategies, MOSFET Scaling, MOS Inverter, CMOS Logic Design, Layout and Stick Diagram, Periodic Refreshing Mechanism and others.

VLSI notes ETC

the notes on VLSI ETC 4

VLSI Upto mid sem

the notes of vlsi upto midsem

AMP 8086

The notes on AMP 8086

VLSI notes

VLSI notes

NMOS Fabrication

VLSI NMOS fabication

VLSI lab record

VLSI lab record

6th sem DCN notes complete

the complete notes of DCN 6th sem