Knowledge in engineering chemistry


Engineering Chemistry The article gives the ppt's about all the major topics in the engineering chemistry. it is needed for every engineering graduate in his UG course.Moreover the information in these ppt present the entire core knowledge of the subject to the students. The contents in the article 1.Atomic structures 2.Polymers 3.Water technology 4. Electro Chemistry 5. Corrosion 6. Organic Chemistry The content in the ppt are self explanatory and prepared by experienced faculty for the easy understanding of the students and the contained information in the ppt is taken from the reputed books and recognized authors. The files are prepared in a student friendly manner for the better understanding of the subject by the student.

Engineering Chemistry

Unit-1 Water & Its Application Unit-2 Fuels And Combustion Unit-3 Lubricants Unit-4 Polymers

Molecular orbitals and its structures.

This document contains orbital structures and combination of atomic orbitals.and LCAO theory and energy diagrams.

Electro chemistry and corrosion.

This document contains types of corrosion and types of batteries and galvanic cells.and evolution of hydrogen and many more.

Important questions of electrochemistry and corrosion.

This document contains important questions of electrochemistry and corrosion which is very useful and easy to understand the concept.

Engineering chemistry-drugs, molecular orbital theory

These are the notes given by our expert faculty in chemistry in the topics crystal field theory amd molecular orbital theory and drugs.And it contains information about drugs like it's applications,side effects and type of CF splitting with some examples.

Power point presentation on spectroscopy

This is power point presentation on explains types of spectroscopy such as continuous spectra and absorption spectra and many more.

Stereo chemistry and water technology

These are the PDFs on the topics stereo chemistry and water technology.In water technology,it is about potable drinking water and in stereo chemistry all information about confirmations and chiral property were explained.


This clip contains question papers and notes of engineering chemistry for the students of B.Tech first year.

Reaction Dynamics (Engineering Chemistry) B.Tech

Notes of Reaction Dynamics of engineering chemistry for the students of B.Tech 1st Year.

Nano Chemistry (Engineering Chemistry)

Notes of Nano Chemistry for the students of B.Tech first year.

Electro Chemistry (Engineering Chemistry)

Notes and Assignment of Electro Chemistry for the students of B.Tech 1st Year.