Knowledge in engineering mathematics


Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics concerning mathematical methods and techniques that are typically used in engineering and industry.


This is full maths-IV notes

Mathematics 1 | 2nd semester | KIIT UNIVERSITY

Mathematics Notes for 1st year students. ##NOTE FOR DOWNLOAD:: After downloading there maybe an error in opening pdf's. Go to the file location and rename the pdf and give the extension part i.e. ' .pdf ' .

Engineering mathematics important questions

The above pdf is prepared by expert faculty for the important stuff in engineering mathematics 3 . It contains all the types of questions in mathematics 3 Complex variable integration, differentiation are the key topics.

Series solution of second order ordinary differential equations

This file is of Engineering Mathematics-2.The contents in this are Legendre's equation, Legendre polynomials of first and second kinds, Rodrigue's formula of Legendre polynomial, Recurrence relations of Legendre polynomial, Generating functions of Legendre polynomial, Bessel's equation, Bessel function, Recurrence relations of Bessel polynomial, Generating function of Bessel polynomial. This file will be easily understood.

Complex Variable Differentiation

This file is of Complex Variable Differentiation. The contents in this file are continuous function, Derivative of a function, Analytic function, Cauchy-Riemann equations, Laplace equation, Harmonic function, Harmonic conjugate of function, Bilinear transformations, fixed points, cross ratio, confirmal mapping. You can understand this file easily.

Laplace transformations in network analysis

This is the hand written notes on laplace transformations used in network analysis by Prof.s.Bujanga Rao.

Engineering mathematics notes 3

This the complete notes on engineering mathematics 3 . It is the handwritten notes by the students so it will be very easy to understand and covers all the topics of engineering matgenatics 3.

Fourier Series

This ppt contain information about fourier series used in signals and systems written by Dr.K.ventkat reddy . This ppt is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students.

Series and sequences (mathematics)

This document contains series and sequences problems and it very useful for solving verbal reasoning like series completion,etc Some test are included in the pdf file are: 1.comparison tests. 2.limit comparison test. 3.test the series for convergence. 4.geometric series. 5.cauchy's test. 6.raabe's test. 7.leibnitz test. And many more other useful problems are included in this pdf file.

Mean value theorems (mathematics)

This pdf file contains rolle's and legranges mean value find the the value of co a constant using legranges mean value is used when the function is continuous and differential able.

Engineering mathematics questions

This document contains mathematics questions like 1.partial differentiation. 2.mean value theorems. 3.matrices. 4.maxima and minima. 5.eigen values and eigen vectors. 6.first order linear differential equations. 7.eulers method.