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Analogy in English

Analogy means similarity. It can exist between any two objects in a particular manner or it may be the case that the two objects are realted to each other in the same way as the other given objects are related. Some important types of relations are as follows. 1.      Disease and Cause relationship:Disease            CausePoliomyelitis          VirusTyphoid             Bacteria 2.      Study and topic relationship:Topic              StudyPedology            SoilOntology            Reality 3.      Worker and tool relationship:Worker             ToolSculptor             ChiselJockey              Tack 4.      Tool and action relationship:Tool               ActionAuger              BoreSpanner             Grip 5.      Quantity and unit relationship:Quantity           UnitConductivity         MhoLuminosity           Candela 6.      Product and raw material relationship:Product            Raw materialShoes              LeatherSack               Jute 7.      Male and female relationship:Male               FemaleDrone              BeeStag               Doe 8.      Animal and young one relationship:Animal             Young oneDeer               FawnLion               Cub 9.      Word and Synonym relationship:Word              SynonymSedate              CalmMend              Repair 10.     Word and Antonym relationship:Word              AntonymCordial             HostileChaos              Peace 11.     Word and Intensity relationship:Word              IntensityKindle              BurnError               Blunder 12.     Worker and working place relationship:Worker             Working PlaceTeacher             SchoolLawyer             Court 13.     Instrument and measurement relationship:Instrument          MeasurementVoltmeter            VoltageHygrometer          Humidity A few more examples are given to make your understanding better. Direction (1 - 4): Select the pair among the given choices which is related in the same way as the words given in CAPITAL letters. 1.      STAIN : HONOUR :: ?(a) Lose : Fame       (b) Blot : Escutcheon(c) Doubt : Reputation   (d) Slander : Integrity(e) None of theseAns.   (b) The relation is of thing and quality. 2.      MOON : SATELLITE :: EARTH : ?(a) Sun             (b) Solar System(c) Planet            (d) Asteroid(e) None of theseAns.   (c) Moon is a satellite and Earth is a planet. 3.      FORECAST : FUTURE :: REGRET : ?(a) Present           (b) Sin(c) Atone            (d) Past(e) None of theseAns.   (d) Forecast is for future happenings while regret is for actions in past 4.      TRAITOR : COUNTRY :: ?(a) Potentate : Kingdom(b) Bureaucrat : Government(c) Apostate : Religion(d) Tailor : Law(e) None of theseAns.   (c) The relation is of betrayal.

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