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Phrasel Verbs

All type of important phrasel verbs for competitive exams.

English Call lab

It is a complete course file of english call lab prepared by expert faculty for the benefit of the students. It is written in student friendly manner. It covers all the excercises. It is divided into 6 units and many excercises are done already for you it helps you a lot. It is prepared by expert faculty with almost zero errors and omissions. All the best


These files contain the information regarding the English Language Skills . It covers a wide range of topics related to English Language and the subject related to English in competitive examinations. This gives a wide variety to the readers with user friendly language and pictorial representation for great understanding . Moreover these ppt are designed with error free writing.

Group Discussion

This article is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students on the group discussion. It contain all the informantion about the group discussion.

Effective report writing and other writing skills.

This ppt is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students. It contains all the information about the report writing and many other writings.

Interpersonal communication

This article is about interpersonal communication skills and it is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students.

Letter Writing in english official and personal letters

This article contain information about the different types of letter writings their formats and their types. This article is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students.

Presentation skills in engineering life.

This article contain information about the presentation skills in engineering students life. It is prepared by experienced faculty for the better understanding of the students and faculty has taken great care to prepare it.


Check CBSE 12th English Paper analysis & review. CBSE conducted Class 12th English Board exam 2019 today (i.e., March 2, 2019) from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Class 12 Students of CBSE board having English [English Core (301), English Elective – C (101) & English Elective ‒ N (001)] as one of their subjects appeared for the paper with nervousness. For many students of Class 12.

Summary OF Section Divided

Examination Pattern of the Paper (CBSE 12th English Core): CBSE Class 12 English (Core) paper carried a total of 100 marks, was divided into three sections: Section A, B & Section C. Section A: (Reading Section): 30 Marks Section B: (Writing Skills): 30 Marks Section C: (Literature: Textbook and Long Reading Text): 40 Marks All sections were compulsory and students needed to attempt all the sections. There was no overall choice in the question paper however internal choices were present in some questions. Besides general instructions, separate instructions were provided in some sections and questions. Main points from the feedback of the students: • Paper was a bit lengthy • Questions based on Novel were confusing • Difficulty level of the question paper: easy • Paper was easier than last year • All the questions in the paper were asked from the latest CBSE 12th English syllabus • Many students are expecting 70 marks to 80 marks Controversies: Some students (outside Delhi) complained that questions related to the Novels were not as per the set pattern. As per the pattern, the paper is set in such a way that students need to read one of the two books or novels. Students are demanding compensatory marks. Some media house reported that CBSE official accepted this fact and ensured that appropriate measures will be taken so that students should not suffer. Official notification by CBSE POLICY TO ADDRESS THE ANOMALIES IN QUESTION PAPERS CBSE is holding Class-X and Class-XII Board Examinations for lakhs of students every year who are appearing in the examinations from about 5000 examination centres in India and in 25 countries abroad and growing every year. In case, if any anomaly is noticed after Question Paper is administered on the day of examination, it is not possible to communicate the solution of the same to all the centres. CBSE has a mechanism to address issues of anomaly in Question Papers as under: - 1. Observations are obtained from subject experts on the day of examination. 2. Observations on the Question Paper are obtained from all schools within 24 Hrs of the conduct of examination 3. Information received within 24 hours of the conduct of examination from other sources is also taken into consideration. All observations are compiled and provided to the group preparing Marking Schemes to make the provision to address the anomaly in such a manner that students interest is protected.

Notes of professional English . It is for engineers .

It tell us how to speak in front of people . It help us to develop confidence in interview's